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I am looking into buying the Sim2 300 extra or Link. What I would like to know, is it worth upgrading the DVD32R with the PSM192 to enable the use of the DVI output (TAG's new IAG website states that this upgrade is still available).

Are there any outstanding compatibility issues regarding the DVI output, using either DVD or SKY+, on PSM192 with Sim2 projectors? People mentioned problem's on TAG's own forum regarding this a while ago.

At present we will be using the DVD32R, SKY+ and sometimes a PS2. I think I understand that the Sky+ could also be routed via the PSM192, DVI to the projector. If this was the case what benefits would there be in buying the Sim2 300 Link over the
300 extra?


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Currently route sky+ via s/video to my AV32 and output s/video to DVD32 psm module and finally DVI out to a pioneer media box. Your PS2 and anything else could plug into the AV32 video inputs. There is also a BNC component out on the psm module to output to a seperate device if needed. Not familiar with the projectors mentioned but if it has a progressive scan capability check out the comparisons with the psm module, although this will not be as flexible if housed in a projector. It all seems to work well with all the video routing within the TAG domain. The only thing is if you decide to use a projector then you may wish to utilise a scaler of some sort. If you can pick up an AV192 ex demo or secondhand this would provide a more future proof option.


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Hallo Coolcat,
I hope i'm not to late.
DON'T buy a Sim2 HT300. Instead i can buy a Marantz VP12S3.
In november 2003 i updated my AV32r to a AV1922 with a PSM192 module.
Last weekend i finally got my Maranzt VP12S3 and the picture is really great.
By the way i think the Marantz is lot cheaper than the Sim2. But that is minnor advantage.
Good luke

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