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I am looking into buying the Sim2 300 extra or Link. What I would like to know, is it worth upgrading the DVD32R with the PSM192 to enable the use of the DVI output (TAG's new IAG website states that this upgrade is still available).

Are there any outstanding compatibility issues regarding the DVI output, using either DVD or SKY+, on PSM192 with Sim2 projectors? People mentioned problem's on TAG's own forum regarding this a while ago.

At present we will be using the DVD32R, SKY+ and sometimes a PS2. I think I understand that the Sky+ could also be routed via the PSM192, DVI to the projector. If this was the case what benefits would there be in buying the Sim2 300 Link over the
300 extra?

AD Roser

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There should be no issues using the Tag's DVI output into the HT300 Xtra as long as the output has HDCP encryption.


Alan Roser


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The main advantage of the Link over the Xtra is flexibility.
The Link has a lot more inputs than the Xtra.
For example you could have HDMI, DVI, YUV and RGB all connected at the same time on the Link.
On the Xtra you could have HDMI or DVI and YUV or RGB connected at the same time.
The other big advantage is the fact that you can keep all you video cables very short by having the DigiOptic Image Processor (DOIP) right next to your sources and just the one fibre optic cable between the DOIP and the projector. This can be any length you could possibly need right up to 500 metres.



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The DVI works fine with unencrypted sources.
I use the DVI out on the PC with a Radeon 8500 into the DVI on the Link or the HDMI on the Xtra with a DVI to HDMI cable.



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Many thanks for all your replies. I had a demo of the HT300 Extra today which impressed me a lot. I am thinking of having the DVD32R upgraded with the PSM192 so I can route everything via the AV32R into the PSM192. My question is, should a DVI connection to the projector provide a better picture than component and if I do use DVI do I need to be careful about the length of cable?

Peter Parker

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DVI is sleaner/sharper than component in my experience, and a recommended maximum length is 7.5m, though I have heard of some people using longer cables without any problems. It may depend on strength of signal as well as the cable quality for lengths greater than 7.5m.

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