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Interesting quote from Alan Roser from Owl Video systems, taken from a thread on AVS Forum, regarding Progressive PAL players on the Sim2 HT300+:

"As the UK distributor of SIM2, we have tested the entire Grand Cinema range including the HT300plus on a variety of Progressive PAL DVD Players including the latest Meridian, Arcam DV27 & 88, Denon DVD Player and TAG.

And in general they play extremely well, but we have had the odd unit which refuses to play ball and we have experienced some strange effects on the TAG unit but it appears to be down to a combination of player and projector.

We have dispatched the Meridian 598 and an Arcam DV88 to SIM2 for additional investigation. This only happened yesterday, so it will be a few days before I am able to report back with any news.


Alan Roser
Technical Director
Owl Video Systems Ltd"

Anyone here use a Tag/Sim2 setup, and if so are there "strange effects"? I'm saving up for this combo of player and projector, and this has understandably intrigued me. Someone on the Tag forum thinks the problem is the HT300+, and its handling of Progressively scanned pictures (not just from Tag's player).



AD Roser

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Hi Jonathan,

I would like to stress that in all the tests we have done at Owl with the TAG DVD player we have been unable to replecate the experiences reported in the field.

We are still investigating.


Alan Roser
Owl Video Systems Ltd


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Hi Alan,

Thanks, that's interesting to know. So, what is currently happening when one feeds the HT300+ with a progressive signal? And is it the same in 576p and 480p?



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We have had superb results with the combination of the the Tag and the HT300+. We projected it onto a 10 foot screen using progressive component and the image was exceptional.

We have however, a slight problem with region 1 discs where we see a slight vertical light and dark banding across the image.

Alan is aware of the problem and has I believe sent a TAG over to SIM for investigation.

I am told that this is unusual in that normally any problems that do occur, normally occur with PAL discs and not NTSC discs. Any ideas anyone regards vertical banding?

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