TAG DTS ES6.1 option (is it worth £120)


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Just purchased a AV30R TAG Processor, and to say im annoyed is an understatement. Theres DD EX decoding and matrix, but NO DTS-ES6.1???

I have to pay £120 pouns to unlock the format, so is it worth it?

I can use DTS+matrix, so is there any real difference between the two?

Its a nice processor, and Im glad theres upgrades available, but £120 pound, nar not impressed.



I would just use the matrix if it were me - I dont think i could tell the difference between a matrix ES and a normal one anyway.....



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I would say the DTS-ES upgrade is worth it.

I had mine upgraded a while ago and it definetly sounded better, on the (rather few) ES discs that were available.

Whether you think its worth £120 is up to you. I didn't realise the upgrades were still available though. Obviously they are

Regards Rob.


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The upgrade is just a remote code/hack which TAG or the dealer will give you when you have paid. The software is already in the machine.


ok in which case...... isnt there a chance the hack is on the net somewhere?

Inn my view it is a bit crap to have the software and have to make a payment of this magnitude to make it work



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I think 'hack' is the wrong term, you need to enter an activation code. That code is unique & encrypted based on the serial number etc of the processor so you'd need to be a rocket scientist to work it out.

The reason you have to pay for a format that's already on the processor is because licence fee has not been paid for on that particular processor. I have no idea how much DTS charge for an individual licence but you have to realise everyone's in the business of making money and you don't get something for nothing.

I'm suprised you didn't know which formats were enabled before you bought the processor, did you not check?



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You still get DTS ES without the code, you just dont get DTS ES descrete. The code will also activate neo 6. As Neil says Im suprised you didnt check to see what it had on it before you bought it?


Originally posted by NeilS
you'd need to be a rocket scientist to work it out
alright, well seeing as I actually am, then I should be able to work it out! :D



Originally posted by Ian J
We know where to get our fireworks from this Winter then. :D
Oh much better than that! We have a particle accelerator in the lab gathering dust. I think we found an interested party to take it so we could have rid of it but apparently the government came back with some excuse so that we couldnt do it. Basically they waffled around and albut consider it a WMD :D



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When I looked round the back of the processor and noticed it had 7 inputs, I just persumed processor was DTS/DD EX/ES ready. Ive mentioned it to the shop, and they think they have the code on file out back in the office. I hope they find it.

If they dont have it, Imight purchase it from TAG. But then again Ive just brought a new REL QUAKE (WOW).

My system so far:

DVD: Arcam DV88
Fronts: B&W CDM 7SE
Centre: Kef 200C
Rears: B&W C60s (ceiling speakers)
Backs:B&W C60s (Ceiling speakers)
5 Chan amp: ROTEL 1075
2 chan amp: ROTEL 1050
TOSH picture Frame 2 36inc
Stand unique AV rack

The system sounds awesome, and I look forward to going home even more now. Cant wait to watch Kill Bill again.

BTW, Im selling my LD player and 52 disks (DTS LDS included)


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