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May 2, 2005
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I purchased an AVR32bp192 some months ago with the DAB unit.

I don't listen to the radio at all so it's sat in the machine doing nothing.

Having popped the cover it looks a simple task to take it.

Given these were once £800 is it likely anyone might want to buy it?

(I'm not offering it for sale and if I did I'd follow the forum rules)
May well get some interest,but you'd need the advice of one or two of the former Tag technical chaps here on how easy it is to remove/fit to induce possible interested parties.
The complexity of installation all all depends on the era of the AV32R that it's going in to.

For example to fit a DAB into a 1999-2000 AV32R is quite alot of work as you have to replace the DSP core, as those early ones used two DSP's (one of the DSP's is where the DAB card should live). A chassis change is also required so the DAB socket can be attached to the back panel.

Slightly later ones require a little bit of surface mount work to adjust the digital audio muxes and to lift a leg so you can wire in the digital feed from the DAB module. Also some versions will require a chassis change. Only someone who is competent in electronics should attempt such a change.

New ones are quite easy with a dedicated connector point for the DAB audio, correct chassis and so on. It still requires some soldering skill, so not for the complete novice.

To sum up, selling the DAB module will be tricky unless the buyer really knows the era and spec of their AV32R.
Thanks for the advice. I hadn't realised the older models were different and thought it might just a case of plugging it in.
The amusing thing I remember is that the instructions on how to fit a DAB module was listed on the old TAG web site when the DAB module was released, they soon disapeared as it was obvious that many would struggle with the install. I probably have the .pdf somewhere in my copy of the old web site but I would not post it, as Steve says, far too many variables...... I would not be thanked by anyone trying it..... The method of adding the DAB module to a T32R was very much easier though....
GrahamMG said:
The method of adding the DAB module to a T32R was very much easier though....

I did that. A quite simple 10-minute job, unless IAG supplies a defective aerial lead, as in my case. Then, a lot of headscratching and frustration is involved, until everything is sorted.


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