TAG AV30 and ROTEL 1075 or DENON A11SR


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What would you spend your mony on.

I have to decide, so help me out.

The big denon or a TAG AV30 processor and ROTEL 1075 with a 1070 for the back channels?



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Tag & Rotel, without a shadow of a doubt


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They aren't comparable in price terms so it's a bit skewed. For the same money without a doubt I'd go for the Tag combo; if the A11SR is much cheaper (as well it should be) and your speakers are easy to drive, I'd still consider the denon.


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The TAG AV30R is a nice machine but if available go for an AV32. If you read the specs carefully you will notice that the AV30 has significantly higher noise levels than an AV32 (esp in the surround channels). This translates into an audible hiss at low volumes which can be off putting.

I used to own one and it hissed with my M&K speakers. Replaced it and the new unit did it as well ! My Yamaha A2 when used as a processor never produced a hiss with the same speakers and same power amp (a Rotel 1095). Called TAG up and was told that noise levels were as per spec and still industry leading (nowhere near I think) and I should try changing to less sensitive speakers ! I was running M&K's at the time......

However if you can live with the slight hiss go for it - its a very good machine otherwise and nowadays is available pretty cheap second hand etc.


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Hi bboy-mass ,

I cannot comment on the Denon, but the Tag Processors are superb.
I have had the Tag AV32 and a Rotel Power amp combination since last October and have yet to find something that it disappoints at.

Music is simply fabulous, while the TV has taken to a whole new meaning with PL2.
Watching DVDs in any of the surround modes is fantastic.
All in all an excellent buy, that has yet to disappoint.

I know you are looking at the AV30, which I am sure is excellent, but if you can get hold of an AV32, you’ll be amazed at it.

Hell, I’m getting excited myself, and have already got one!!!!!

Have Fun.


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I would get a Denon 3805 + a power better than Rotel, thats what I just recomended to my brother, his power is a Bel Canto eVo 6... :thumbsup:

His speakers are KEF Ref 201 x 4 + 202C + 4000 subwoofer...


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Thanks guys, just purchased the TAG AV30 for £1000
ROTEL 1075 £800
ROTEL 1070 £500

Happy now and cant wait to get home.

Thanks again.

Mark Ward

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Thanks guys, just purchased the TAG AV30 for £1000
ROTEL 1075 £800
ROTEL 1070 £500

Happy now and cant wait to get home.
Damn, I wish I'd spotted this thread earlier...I just put my RMB-1075 up for auction this evening.

I'm not familiar with the 1070, but as far as the 1075 goes you made a great choice there:smashin:


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