Taegugki (Brotherhood)


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Rented this DVD last night after hearing many great things about it on these forums.

Overall I really enjoyed it. Good story, acting, battle scenes etc but just one thing spoiled it for me. A few of the characters that were in the regiment were almost like comedy characters - lot of pulling stupid faces, clowning around, silly lines etc. Perhaps I am being harsh. Perhaps this is how Korean films are.

But at times it was like watching a very serious war film, complete with Piggy from Monkey in it !!


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Great film

I disagree about the jokers/clowns not fitting in though. Virtually every war movie that concentrates on the human angle in war (from the soldiers' viewpoint) has a joker/jokers in the pack. I'd say the same happens in reality too, and is important for morale, you will always find a comedian in the grimmest of human circumstances.

Look at Full Metal Jacket for example, the main character was nicknamed 'Joker'



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Yes I realise that jokers are part of some war films. And I realise that 'Joker' in Full Metal Jacket was a light hearted character, but he didn't act like a half-wit like you see in Taugugki !!

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