Tactics Ogre for GBA mini review

Discussion in 'General Video Gaming Chat' started by Sinzer, Aug 9, 2002.

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    I have clocked up a few hours on this game now, and my overall feeling is that this is a superb game!

    If you have a GBA and enjoy Japanese RPGs and strategy games, then this is the release of the year IMO.

    The basic story revolves around a young knight sent to a remote region to investigate a small uprising. In true Japanese style this then devolves into hidden mysteries and lots of character dialogue.

    The game mechanics stay true to the Tactics Ogre world, with the same character classes etc. If you are familiar with FF Tactics then you will be quite at home here (although this is far superior in terms of depth and strategy).

    A nice feature is the emblem system, you gain levels through performing tasks related to your class and for killing enemies. However, to really progress in the game you need to start collecting emblems and working out how to gain them. Emblems are rewards for performing certain actions, and you will need these to change class and to power up your characters stats. For instance, you gain emblems which will give you more power, or cause certain unit types to lose moral within 3 squares of you. There are about 40 emblems and some are very difficult to achieve.

    In terms of technical details, the graphics are very nice, not cutting edge for the GBA but very clear with some nice spell effects. The sound effects are ok with some nice little speech samples and the music is not something that will stick in your mind, but is very apt for the title.

    Currently the game is only available on import (I am not even sure it will have a UK release!). However, I fully recommend importing it as it will provide hours of fun (up to 40 according to the manual :) ).
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    MMMmmm... Me wants ^_^ I remember when Tactics Ogre was on the SNES and it was highly regarded. Ogre 64 then followed but because it was on the N64 it was hardly noticed >_< Lets hope for a Gamecube version as well and if Tactic Ogre on the GBA sells well, there could be a possibility of a Fire Emblem release... ^_^

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