Tacoma (Available Now)


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Couldn't see a thread for this, but it's been available from earlier this week, at £15.

It's by the studio that did Gone Home, and I think has got generally favourable reviews. Takes place on an abandoned Space station and you need to find out what happened...

Anyone picked it up?

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Hadn't even heard of it. Could be interesting though if done well....


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I've played it. Quite enjoyable with an interesting story.

I guess you would call it a walking simulator. But whilst it's very much in the mould of Everyone's Gone to the Rapture, it's set in quite a confined area so there's not much walking to do here.

As in Rapture, the story is told in recordings, but not the glowing light kind, this time it's holograms and the difference is that you can rewind and replay. You'll need to do a bit of rewinding as the recordings aren't just for that conversation, it covers a certain area, so to get the whole picture, you may need to watch the same recording, but from the perspective of other people in different rooms and they may even walk between rooms and join in with other conversations. So it's quite interesting from that perspective.

Overall, I didn't like it as much as Rapture as it lacked the more personal elements of the local people story that I thought was very strong in Rapture, and of all walking sims, Firewatch is my favourite, mainly for the interaction between the 2 main characters. But it's still an interesting, nice looking game that you can while away a few hours on.


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Yeah, Firewatch was great. I was just a bit underwhelmed with how that story panned out. Still really good tho.

I’ll probably pick Tacoma up when it goes on sale

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