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The only android tablets I can find with HDMI output are the Bush and Alba tablets at Argos.

Does anyone know of any others? I definitely need HDMI because I want a wired connection to the telly.
A dying (or possible already dead) feature a mirco HDMI port on a tablet. I would consider getting a chomecast instead. what is it you want to do with this as a fire stick might be a better option depending on the app/video you want to put on the TV.


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What I'm looking to do is download BBC and Netflix and watch them on a TV in a caravan in a place where there is no WiFi.

That's why I want a physical connection. It's currently looking like a toss up between an Alba or Bush tablet or an ancient Hudl 2 from eBay.

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The usual problem with anything 'wired' is the socket is always likely to be a fail point unless you have a dock which is fixed in place and it hard wires to the TV.



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Alternatively buy a small lap top, download loads of videos onto it, then out put it on a flat screen monitor up to 32 inches or the tv. If the laptop does not have hdmi, get a VGA to hdmi cable for a few quid.

Another alternative is to buy a tablet with as big screen you can get, probably 10-12 inches.

...or how about looking at the feasibility of one of those android based laptops?

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