Tablet vaccine


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Surely won’t be the last honour bestowed upon professor Gilbert...

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The Oxford Vaccine: Innovation for the Global Good

Wednesday 14th April 2021
18.00 - 19.00

The 2021 Albert Medal Event

Sarah Gilbert is the scientist who designed the Oxford Vaccine – one of the most significant breakthrough developments in the global fight against coronavirus.

As she receives the 2021 RSA Albert Medal for ‘collaborative innovation for the global common good’, Professor Gilbert joins RSA Chief Executive Matthew Taylor to reflect on an extraordinary year for scientific innovation, and to tell the inside story of what it took to design, trial, and manufacture a safe and effective vaccine at record speed and scale.

As vaccination programmes begin to rollout around the world, she discusses the steps that need to be taken to secure and safeguard an equitable global distribution of this life-saving innovation. And she considers what can we learn from the way governments and institutions responded to Covid-19 – at both national and global levels - to better prepare us for the next pandemic.

The RSA Albert Medal is awarded annually to recognise the creativity and innovation of individuals and organisations working to resolve the challenges of our times. The Medal was instituted in 1864 as a memorial to Prince Albert, former President of the Society.


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Another alternative to having to get jabbed under development in Australia…


golden phoenix

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lloyds pharmacy were selling viraleze recently, but the uk regulators are questioning some of the advertising connected with it.

its only a matter of time before we have other methods of administering the actual vaccine. this is important as lots of people have a fear of needles/perceived pain. Different thresholds often associated with needles. also if we are going to start vaccinating children they would want an alternative to needles. apparently the fear of needles is very high in the population and would stop the take up in those people.

the above item is not the vaccine but a companion to the vaccine

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Blimey, that's a lot of colourful pills in the above photo to get the vaccine! :)


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It's the smarties vaccine.


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What’s the current state of play with AstraZeneca, Pfizer etc - do they have improved vaccines in the works? Not just for variants, but ones like the tablet that target more than just the constantly mutating spike protein?


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I think improved vaccines might have to go through trials etc.


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I think improved vaccines might have to go through trials etc.

I believe they all have modified vaccines and are currently in trial. Though the requirements for a modified vaccine is less rigourous.

I think the big three are currently seeking full approval rather than emergency approval too.


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It would be handy for people with trypanophobia, at least.
Handy all round.

Some have spoken of distributing oral vaccines by post to be taken at home. Not sure that this would be a likely scenario because you'd want to make sure that the doses went to the right people, keeping track of how many people had been done would be tricky, and if potential adverse reactions were an issue you'd want some sort of supervision immediately after administration.

Bur even so, "Here, take a cup of water, swallow this and go and sit over there for fifteen minutes" is still a much easier process. And without the need to dispose of medical sharps either.

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