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I'm looking for a tablet, not sure which one. I'm after a 10-ish" one, Android or possibly IOS. I need it for kind of two phases:-

Phase 1) to use at home with wifi browsing the net, to use as a controller for my Squeezebox using Squeeze Commander(or iPeng if iPad), to read PDF magazines, possibly to read books too if device is suitable(ie not too heavy and good screen), maybe a game but not high priority.

Phase 2) to use on holidays as media device to watch movies on its screen also HDMI out to tv screen where possible, also as a music player. Possibly as an eReader but not sure if the screen would suffice in the sunlight. So the screen quality is important here - brightness, angle etc. Also need long lasting battery.

I deffo need it to perform well as phase one, and if possible would like it to manage phase two tasks.

Initially I was thinking no chance I'd pay £400 for a tablet, might just stretch to £200. Now after looking into them for a while I've got my head round it and would pay £400 but only for the right device, and I probably wouldn't mind paying more for perferals later like extra XD cards, USB connectors, HDMI leads, adapters, docks etc.

iPad - has no flash support so browsing the net would be annoying? I have a lot of Flac music files that I won't be transcoding to apple lossless, and I don't like the idea of iTunes checking out my music and not liking it and then deleting it all. I also imagine it would be tricky to buy the 16GB version and then add more storage to it later.

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 - seems like the current best Android but can it do all I want? and are there other tablets as good but cheaper?

Toshiba AT 100 - cheaper (£320), has all the connections without needing adapter although adapters are fine, bulky but not sure its a problem. Screen may not be bright enough?

Any other contenders about to be released?


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Im looking to purchase one of these as and when its released in the UK in January sometime, just been released this week in the USA

This looks a bit Special :smashin:

There's a CNET review on it here, come's in at about £499 for the 32gb version.and of course another £140 bucks if you want the additional keyboard, the keyboard has its own battery as well so when you clip the Tablet onto it extends the battery life as well as charging the tablet up as well.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Review - Watch CNET's Video Review


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I think you'll find that the £499 price will include the keyboard dock . . . That's what I've heard anyway.


Well thats the hunt for a tablet over for me then!

Mainly due to 007geezer's post I had a look at the Asus Transformer Prime - looks ideal but not out yet and I wanted something now, so I looked at the current model and saw all the glowing reviews which made me go for that.

I got it from Comet which has it listed at £400 with dock. I had a chat with the Mrs who told me she gets discount with Aviva Extras from Comet so we had a look and managed to get 10%(£40) off. I wanted to go and get it in person so I payed online and then got a voucher code texted to my phone which I just give at the till - bit warey of this as I could see a cock up of some sort happening in Comet(often not the sharpest tools in the box there...).
Strangley that part went well, the tricky part was trying to get them to agree to sell me the unit at the advertised and displayed reduced price of £399.99!
First problem was trying to get served - pretty empty shop, still not enough sales staff about, must have been asleep in the back or something. Eventually found a member of staff after 20-25mins of hovering near the iPads, laptops and tablets - I would have thought they would have seen a likely sale in me stood there to be honest but they obviously don't worry about sales numbers!
The sales lad looked confused when trying to ring it up on the till and then had a chat with his boss on the phone before telling me he's really sorry but he can't sell it to me at £399.99 as the till wouldn't recognise that price but he would sell it to me at £430! I told him to behave so he called the manager. Manager said the same thing and I could not believe it! I said the £399.99 price is pretty much everywhere including their own website, at which point the manager suddenly perks up and says if its on our website then no problem sir!
So now the sales lad takes over again and I'm thinking the likelyhood of them being able to cope with my intended payment method was pretty fkn slim! However, as I said, odly that bit went very smoothly. It did feel a bit strange though, just saying I'd like to buy that £400 item and then not giving anything except a number off my phone then walking out with the goods under my arm!

So I'm now the proud owner of an Asus Eee Pad Transformer with dock. Its now charging so haven't had a proper go on it yet.:)

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