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Tablet for grandparents?


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Hi all, first time here, hello!
So me and my family have a strange Christmas coming up, as do most people. We can't have our grandparents down for Christmas as we usually would, so are wanting to get them a cheap-ish (is £150 and under unreasonable?) tablet, that they can use to video call us, primarily on Christmas day, but also to see if they get used to using it.

Only caveat here, is that they don't have the Internet in their house, so it needs to be able to access 4G networks AND WiFi (if they end up liking it we're going to look into getting them on the Internet properly). I've found plenty of data only Sim plans, but I'm having a real struggle finding a tablet to boot. Again we're looking for a basic, easy to use tablet, preferably under £150.

Any help is greatly appreciated,


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Easiest to use is a Ipad but they would be £300 and above, I’d stay with a 10inch Samsung, but you’ll need to get a cheap new or secondhand phone and use it for a hotspot, of course you’ll need to know which mobile network gets the best signal in their house.

Depending on your grandparents age/ability (no offence intended) you’d need to set all this up yourself then send it to your grandparents as ready to use as possible. I say that as my dad having never used any mobile phone or computer struggled to use a ipad, it might be different with your grandparents.

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