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I have an old tablet that I am going to use purely as a radio with external speakers. Advise please as to how to delete all apps and also delete Google accounts.

I then want to put on the BBC sound app, Downtown and a few other apps.

Could someone please give me an Idiots guide as to how to proceed, I emphasize Idiots
Thanks, Ian


You can but it is a pain and you would lose the Play store and would have to side load the apps you want. You could root the device and load a custom ROM and then side load the apps. Not that easy. You would then be faced with manual loads for any updates.

Or just set up a google account that you only use on this device, that gives you access to the apps you want, with automatic updates. Just create a home screen with the apps you want and delete the icons for those that you don't want. That way you are not giving google access to your life, just the device in a limited fashion.

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