Question Tab Tensioned - it it worth it??

I have a cheap 106" electric screen that is showing it's age. I see that Sapphire have a 122 inch electric for £560 that I thought would be a nice upgrade.

The thing is, the tab tensioned models seem to be double the price? Surely this cannot be worth it? I would have hoped that a good brand like Sapphire would be good enough without tab tensioned??

Confused! Any advice appreciated!!


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depends whether you want a flat screen i guess - i think once you buy a tab tensioned screen you will answer your own question

my first screen was a pull down beamax 106" model - nightmare as wouldnt lock in place and there were a couple of places where the screen had clear ripples that showed especially on light parts of the image and ruined my image

i have had the same draper react 2.1 screen now for 7 years which is tab tensioned and remote controlled - not cheap but the best money i have ever spent on av kit - works off my harmony remote perfectly flat image and the ALR makes my contrast miles better

for me you should buy right and then you buy once


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I have a tab tensioned React 3.0 screen for sale in the classifieds if that’s of interest. Thanks


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I just picked up a sapphire motorised 122" screen, its not tab tensioned for £100 second hand.
Its replaced a Luxberg 100" pull down, the edges curled really badly.

The sapphire is a massive improvement as you would expect and its totally flat IMO.




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136'' is going to look phenomenal. wow.

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