T8 to T5 Aquarium Lighting


Has anyone gone from T8 to T5 fluorescent tube lighting with regards aquariums?

I was reading that T5 gives a more intense light that penetrates deeper and uses less power. As we have the light on for long periods of time this seems a good idea.


On line aquarium stockist seem either not to stock T5 lighting or the power units for them, but going in a local pet shop I found the one to replace my 48" was a 46" and was rated at 54w where as my T8 48" is 36w but the T5 uses more power.

Also has any one used a converter for reducing the T8 holder to a T5.
If so can you give some info will the fit in the usual end caps and bring the length just to the length they are replacing.
If so did you buy them online or locally?

Any T8 to T5 info appreciated.

Thanks Garrett:smashin:


I've only ever used T8s, my 6ft tank having eight in four banks of two. T5s are more popular with marine aquariums. I kept discus which would not have appreciated the more intense light given off by the T5s. So really it's down to what fish you are keeping and if you have a planted aquarium or not. Just because T5s are more powerful it does not mean that they are better for a particular aquarium set up.

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