T300RS -Amazon Lightning Deals - 5pm 24th Nov 2015 (PS4)


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For anybody looking for a potential bargain, the T300RS wheels (and bundled chairs in some instances) are on an Amazon Lightning deal, available at 5pm today for Prime subscribers.

Not sure how big a discount there will be, but something's better than nothing if you're looking to treat yourself.


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spotted the th8a shifter is on there with a similar discount and I have very little will power so thats an early Christmas present for me :)


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Grabbed a T300 rs, at £200. At that price i simply had to press buy!


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Anyone know of some good settings for pCARS?


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So temped to buy this but after doing a little research it seems the wheel has some problems ?

does anyone know if these have been sorted out or is it a case of buying it and hoping you get one of the good ones ?


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I've had mine for nine months and not had a problem (EU version with UK adapter)

I don't use it every day but when I do have a session it will be running projects cars for 2-3 hours. I will say no more than that for fear of fate kicking me in the balls and it dying next time I use it :).

I've seen afew issues threads and I'm not entirely sure that some weren't software or user issues. No doubt like with anything electronic you get some duff units I'd just make sure that if you do buy it's factory sealed and not areturn/recon unit.


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This is currently in the lightning deals again at £199.99 with a couple hours remaining.

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