T2 Extreme HiDef DVD Activation


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I have read the threads here and quite a bit on AVS regarding this but after two hours of trying last night I had no success. I changed my regional and time zone settings to USA. Got RegionKiller running (not sure if that was really necessary) and then began a search for USA proxy servers. I finally found one that would allow me to browse the net and thought I was in business. At the registration process I am told to click OK to download the licence and then a new dialog box appears telling me to click OK again. Then an Internet Explorer window appears with a link named Upgrade (or something like that). I click this link and then nothing happens.

Am I doing something wrong or do I need to simply start trying different proxy servers.

I know this has been done to death but I'm sure that I'm not the only one still having problems with this.




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No your not. I'd love to find a way too. I'm amazed no one appears to have found a hack or whatever to get round this and remove not only the US location bit but also just to remove the registration need at all.


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Anyone looked over on avs? I'm sure there was a thread which covered the proxy server issue in detail.



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I must of gone thro about 30 odd USA/Canadian proxy servers and none off them worked,it would appear that the anon ones have now been barred ,some people are lucky and they get it working quite quickly I was unlucky and gave up and haven't tried since.
Though I might try again now I've got a Panny AE500 PJ,if any ones got a known working proxy it would be nice to know it !!


Just after I received my copy of T2 ExtEd (thank you Microsoft :), finding a proxy was easy. MS then started blocking activations from proxies.

I haven't tried T2 in HiDef for ages but may look into it in the next few days.

Also be aware that the "licence" only lasts for a week IIRC, then it's off to find another working proxy :(

If a proxy has been used for several activations, MS automatically "blacklist" or block it so posting details of a working proxy here will mean it won't work for very long.


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