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T-Mobile disappointing upgrade options, where do I go next?


Hi Gang,

As a loyal T-Mobile customer since they were Mercury/One2One I am astounded by their poor service in the last few years.

I have since started my own Ltd company and am on a Flext 45 tariff with the Friends/Family discount.
My upgrade is due soon and I want to change my contract to a business one so it falls under my company umbrella.
This is essentially a name change only to my company name. I have been told I will lose the F/F discount if I change to a business tariff. I will then be on a business tariff paying £45 Flext and I won't be able to get a top end phone period unless I move off Flext.

Now for me the Flext tariff is perfect. 1GB Internet, calls to multiple international destinations and various 0800 numbers included. It has served me for 4 years now!

Business tariffs do not include 0800 numbers on any T-Mobile contract.

What would be the best way to maximise my upgrade and keep my Flext?

Basically I have been told my phone contract MUST be in my company name for it to be under my company in order to satisfy the tax man, is this the case?

If I can keep my Flext as a non business user account then it somewhat alleviates my problem. I still will get a crap phone but at least I keep the discount.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Established Member
I'm also a business customer with T-mobile, and recently upgraded all 3 of our lines with 2 S3 and a HTC 1X. We were on the 1 unlimited plan but found that our bills were still very high, it turn out we were getting charged to make calls to Lyca, Leabara etc. As most of our staff were on these networks I was advised to move onto the full Monty 41 price plan as it included calls to these so called rogue networks. Since switching plans our bill has stabilised around the price of the line rental, I also have the 08 booster, giving me 30 minutes of free calls to 08 numbers every month, there are other boosters available. Jut wish I switched earlier as those calls end up costing us over 1500 pound during the course of our contract! We only realised when the time came to submit our end of year accounts, so if your a T cutomer check the TCs'. Although to be fair it seems to be only T mobile who are doing this, they had some sort of tiff with Lyca a while back.

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