T Mobile contract phone call.


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Hi quick question,

so my T mobile contact is coming to the end in a few months, got a phone call from T mobile telling me there allowing me to get an early upgrade, but since I'm waiting to see what the new I phone 5 looks like I said ill wait, he went to to say what he can do is tie me in for another 12 month contract for a cheaper rate ( got offered £11 month since I don't use my mins or texts and truly unlimited internet 300 mins and unlimited texts), he went on to say that if the new I phone comes out say in September i can call up and renegotiate my contract with then to get the new phone, he said there's no catch its all about customer retention.

But I have a feeling there is a catch... what could it be?


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I don't know what the catch may be, or even if there is one. What I would do is tell him to give me everything in writing before I would make any commitment.




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Yes I did thanks, in the end I did nothing i don't wanna be screwed over some how...

Ty for your reply in the matter


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It is easy to upgrade within a contract, but not downgrade.

Later, assume your like me and happy with T-Mobile, iPhone5 comes out, you can then upgrade.

Only diss is should you see a better deal offered else where on the 5 (smart money is on October) your then stuck in a contract bubble.

For that reason i took a rolling 1 month contract £15 allows me to buy my iP5 outright (which over 24 months is far cheaper).


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Well I changed the contract to £10 a month since I have a work phone, can't really see the iPhone 5 being worth an upgrade like everyone else we will wait and see !


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