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I sent my N95 back on Orange today and joined the T-bag group

What is covered on the web n walk £7.50 ?

Do I get free email from my own server on the internet? It uses IMAP .

I understand I get web browsing but what else?

How about windows IM or VOIP ?

Many Thanks


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you effectively get 1GB of usage a month for £7.50 which you can use how you want, so you can use VIOP etc although T Mobile dont like you to


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officially i think £7.50 is just surfing, emailing and downloading......restrictions i believe are no VOIP, no streaming and possibly no video/music downloads although i could be wrong on the last bit, it might be just streaming....

presumably they check every month to see how many times you've used something that flags as VOIP or streaming and if its more than an odd occasion they slow you down massively or give you a call to upgrade....not sure, i'm tempted to go on it myself but tbh one of the main things i would use it for is video streaming and no way i'm paying max prices for that...lol....unless their terms & conditions are confusing me and you can stream......

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