T+A Solitaire P Over Ear Headphone Review & Comments


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Yup, but i mean with speakers and a stereo amp as well as the phones and HA amp. Not many of us get to that level without multiple upgrades, but it would be nice!
Well I have my Noble K10U IEM's & my older Shure SE846 IEM's and yet my reasonably priced all-in-one KEF LSX speakers are just as enjoyable and more so at times (in a small room).

Its "Emperor's New Cloths" much of the time now. I had a £1800 Hugo 2 as a DAC/AMP couple year back but my modest priced Sony ZX507 DAP (Japanese import) is just as good unless you have demanding headphones (to my ears anyway).

High-end audio is a money pit for those that want to spend IMO now. Paying for more like jewellery/uniqueness than significant jumps in audio reproduction. (Different for room audio systems).
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Top tier iem do not have economies of scale so that is a factor behind the price. As for this headphone I do suspect the £5k headline has a marketing element behind it and they are probably selling to people who own their other home audio pieces


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Once you go past a certain barrier it's more of different interpretations (Read reproduction/presentation). Something will be different and to a lot of audiophiles it's better than different. Been in this hobby for too long, glad I am a lot more matured now :D. I really have been there and done that, no regrets and I did learn a lot.

If anything we are living in a golden age for HiFi, it's very affordable now as well.


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I’ll get a pair when I win the lottery. 😁


I agonised over paying £1100 for Oppo PM1s. Now a few years later I realise that it was money well worth spending. I'd love to listen to the T&As. I do like listening to other headphones. The other thing is how much do you spend on the headphone amp to drive the T&As.

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