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Personally if you are going to non-overclocked, then go :

INTEL i5-4460
No Cooler use the stock one, it works fine
Corsair Vengeance standard 8GB RAM
Is there a reason for a full tower case, you can save 30 quid for a mid tower?
Corsair CX 600W
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB
ZOTAC Geforce 970

That will be roughly 650 quid and give you about 4 times (probably more) the performance in gaming.

Your build makes little sense in that you have selected a non OC CPU, but then spend loads on a fully configurable motherboard, there is no need, if you want to run stock to save money, then get a decent basic motherboard, there is no performance difference. The price difference is simply for advanced features, like overclocking.

16GB of RAM is also a waste when you are buying such a weak surrounding system. 8GB is more than enough for gaming and you can use the money you save for a better graphics card.

The full tower case seems pointless to me, unless you have tonnes of harddrives.

From my experience, a 250GB SSD is really good value now. I have a 120GB SSD and would love to have double that.

For the games you have listed, then the GPUs you have selected are simply not recommendable. You either need to accept skimping around the build to buy the best GPU possible (my recommendation) or maximising your basic build with the idea that you are going to upgrade the GPU pretty quickly (doable, but gaming really is still GPU bound so not really too effective).

At the moment, your builds seem to be unfocused. Cut a corner on the CPU, but use the money to invest in no performance gain (for example, 16GB instead of 8GB, or an advanced overclocking motherboard vs a basic stock board). If you are going to cut corners then use the savings to invest in the components that are going to make the biggest difference for your intended usage.

EDIT : The R9 380 build makes the most sense, when I relooked at it. Would still recommend to try and invest a little more in GPU, especially for the games you have listed.


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The 750ti is a weak card these days , it's all ready a good year and half old now if not older ,
and i know it struggles with most games , at best with the 750ti you'll only be playing games at low to med settings.
save some money on the ram ( 16gb is a lot ) buy just 8gb and use the money saved and take a look at the gtx 950/960 ( £130/150) with either cards you be playing at 1080p 60fps < that magic number for pc gaming ) and you'll be running games at high /ultra.

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