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I am another member with a Systemline problem. In this case Systemline 4.4 Commander and Controller. The Controller has 4 zones of which only 2 zones work properly. I have isolated the problem to the Contoller which has 4 sets of stereo amplifiers, but I cannot work out whether the problem is heat related or switching related The red lights which indicate that the zones have been activated are on, but there is no sound. Occassionally I switch it on and all 4 zones work then 2 drop out which is why i thought it was heat related. However, now they are not working when I swith on. Also both left and right channels on each zone drop out or come on at the same time.

I would be very grateful for any pointers you can give.



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Could well be a dry joint or similar on power supply to output card the 4.4 is pretty old now, Armour may be able to suggest a service centre. Any service centre that repairs Hi-Fi amps should be able to diagnose and fix for a fee.


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Hi :hiya:,
I had exactly the same problem with my eight year old system - until today. :smashin:
It was nearly driving me mad, as some channels dropped out and back in randomly. It seemd that with higher volume there was less off a problem, while at low volumes it got worse. Also it was different for the different zones.
Spending most of the Sunday afternoon I finally found the solution. It is the relays that switch the speakers. Their contacts wore out. In my 4.4 they used Omron relays with transparent covers that needed some force tweaking to be removed. Treating the contacts with a nail file and some contact cleaner gave perfect results.
I spoke with an experienced friend afterwards, who explained that also low power switching relays (and in the 4.4 they are switched only after the micro controller regulated down the volume) build up oxides because of heat and moisture.
I am writing this even some time after your posting hoping to be able to help, as I was looking through the www to find a solution to this problem, in vain.

Best regards

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