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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by adebabe, Dec 24, 2003.

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    System is as follows:
    Marantz SR4200 a/v amp
    Marantz DV4100ose dvd/cd player
    Mission 773e floorstanders
    Revox 250mm sub (passive) running from sanyo midi-system
    QED Silver Ann. speaker cable.

    I use the system 80% for music and 20% for movies.

    90% of the time I use my computer to play music. I have onboard sound at the moment, which isnt good so I'll upgrade this to something like a creative audigy platinum or a teratec at some stage.

    In 2-channel mode i'm not overly happy with the performance.
    The amp although at low volumes sounds good seems to struggle at high volumes. The mission's get a bit over excited at higher volumes sounding very forward and harsh. I'd like them to sound warmer and more laid back.

    To get better performance in 'music' i thought about adding a stereo amp. e.g. marantz pm7200 or something around £250?

    Is Mission and Marantz a good combination? Would a stereo amp like the pm7200 sound warmer and more composed at higher volumes?

    I'd run the pm7200 from the front pre-outs on my sr4200. I'd then use the sr4200 amp to run my sub as apose to the sanyo midi system at present.

    Does anyone know what volume level the Pre-out channels of the SR4200 reach their maximum output. Im assuming at level 0db would be 'maximum' volume for the pre-out channels. ( I can get to -2db before distortion running the amplified channels).

    Does anyone have any other ideas? Is this a good idea?

    happy x-mas


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