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System upgrade/replacement: Which Marantz streaming amp?


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I have an ageing (20 years) system comprising of NAD C520 CD player, C320 amp & KEF Cresta 2 speakers which are wall mounted on sturdy brackets which I'm looking to replace in stages with the CD player at first as it's beginning to play up.

So I'm wondering about the Marantz CD6007 or Apollo CDP players, with possibly their matching amps to follow at a later date. I rather like the small form factor and aesthetics of the Rega gear but is that enough to justify the extra cost over the Marantz?

For speakers I'm thinking B&W 607 S2 Anniversary Edition speakers as I'm finding the KEFs a little to gentle & fancy a bit more punch.

I'm presuming either will be a decent improvement over my current old gear but also wondering if I should consider an amp with built in streamer as I currently listen to internet radio via a Grace Digital Primo Wireless Internet Radio or use my phone connected to a Logitech Bluetooth adaptor both of which are connected to the amp via phono cables.

Any thoughts folks?


The previous cd6006 was probably the best player up to and perhaps exceeding £500. It would be fair say that the new cd6007 is going to hang on to it's crown. I've listened to the Apollo but such a long time ago and cannot comment on how it would sound against the Marantz. I have owned a cd6006 and currently have a sa8005 SACD player which hasn't been used for a good while.

Having KEF R300s and a Rega Elicit-R amp I can say how the sa8005 performs against a Denon DCD2500NE and the Marantz still displays that laid back warm signature. The Denon is a much sharper performer getting more detail out of discs and the KEFs respond really well. I prefer the cleaner performance of the Denon and perhaps the Apollo will have a similar characteristics that you may prefer.

AudioT are both Rega and B&W dealers and if one is near as they will also stock the Marantz when it's released. It's a shame they don't stock the Denon DCD1600NE as I'd recommend you listen to one of those as that player would certainly fulfill your brief but is a £300 premium over the Apollo.


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I think I've now settled on the Marantz CD6007 for my CD player and now thinking of a suitable replacement amp too. I'm looking at amps with streaming built in so looking at the Marantz PM7000N or the NR1200.

I guess the PM7000N is more geared towards audio whereas the NR1200 is more of an AV product; however, although I don't need the AV capabilities, the NR1200 also has a DAB/FM tuner built in and is around £300 + cheaper.

I appreciate the PM7000N is ultimately going to be the better performer but assume either would be an improvement on my 20 year old NAD C320?

Any thoughts folks??


Improvement will probably be down to any DACs involved in the Marantz, that's where the biggest strides have been made in the last 20 years. The difference in performance between the NR1200 and PM7000 is in the analogue circuits and amps with the 7000 have the better components.

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