System Shock 3

I am excited by the news but a little apprehensive too, SS2 is my all time favourite game so I would hate to see this messed up in the same way my other beloved franchise from Looking Glass studios was when Thief 4 came out.

The fact that they are calling it System Shock 3 rather than it being a reboot is a good sign and I understand that there are some ex Looking Glass people on the team too.
Played SS1 and SS2 countless times and loved them both, I do think I prefer SS1 though, something a little darker about it at times, it has one of the best gaming villains of all time IMO.

I truly hope that SS3 does the franchise justice as its been a hell of a long time coming
Quite positive signs that they are going to build it on PC instead of console, and potentially make it compatible with VR. Also no kickstarter, which I was kind of expecting.
Well, this popped up in my mailbox this afternoon.....

"Hello fans!

We’re excited to share with you some new information about System Shock™ 3. We participated in Unity’s GDC 2019 Keynote, where we shared a short teaser video showing off some of the environments of the game. Watch it here:

During the keynote, Warren explained that, similar to the original System Shock 1 & 2 games, System Shock 3 will be a unique combination of first-person shooter, role-playing and survival horror. System Shock 3 takes place in a world where players are alone in a strange and dangerous place, under-powered and unprepared for the challenges posed by a renegade AI called SHODAN...."

There was more about the unity engine and stuff but it's good to see that there's progress coming along with this.

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