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I've just posted on the home cinema DIY thread but realise I should probably have posted here so here goes.

I've purchased a Sony 40v4000 TV and have just ordered a SONY DAV-DZ260 home cinema system. I've also got a V+ box. I'm a bit unsure of the connections to get everything working properly. I would like to get the full benefit of the surround sound on both the DVD player and the V+ box. I presume I connect via HDMI lead from the V+ box to the TV and then a seperate HDMI connection from the DAV-DZ260 to the TV. From what I've been reading I presume I also need an optical connection from the V+ box to the DAV-DZ260. Is this correct? If so can anyone post a link to a suitable optical cable so as I don't order the wrong lead.

Is there anything else I need to do/connect.

Sorry for the basic question but I am a bit of a novice with all this.

Thanks for any help.


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Yep you are correct- hdmi from dz260 to tv, hdmi from v+ to tv (if it has one, i'm not familiar with v+, or scart or whatever it's output is), and optical from v+ to dz260.

Again, not being familiar with v+ i assume you know it has an optical out.

Search amazon for digital optical cable and you will get one for a reasonable price. Hope that helps.

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