system restore.. what about windows updates?


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I'm thinking of doing a restore on my PC using the re-installtion disc that came with it. Basically to get rid of all the rubbish, tidy things up a bit and cure a problem where it 'hangs' for a while after initial switch on.

However, over the last 12 months, there have been loads of windows (xp) updates and security patches!

So, surely the re-install disc will remove all the security patches and I'll have to download them all again.
Wouldn't this mean I'm particularly vulnerable during this time?

I have broadband and use Norton firewall and Antivirus, but these will need updating again aswell.

Am I worrying unecessarily? any advice on what to do.


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No, you're not worrying unecessarily at all, sadly it's very common to hear of tales of new PCs getting hit by MSBlast within minutes of connecting for the first time. Yes, you'd need to visit Windows Update, as you will for every product you've updated.

The Norton Firewall should be sufficient even in its' original state to protect you while patching Windows, though for added safety I suggest you go to M$ site and download the patch to protect against MSBlast and apply that manually after restoring the system and before connecting to the internet again.


The thing to remember is that you have just wipped your HDD anyway, so if you do get hit by a virus you can just wipe it again. Only this time you will have practice at installing everything!
I normally just do a basic install of Windows, AV, Firewall and then get all the updates. Once completed I then install the scanner, printer etc.
If worroed then you can always get a copy of Norton Ghost erc and make an image of your drive, you then have an easy restore if it all goes wrong. You can also create an image after the reinstall so you wont have these problems should you decide to do it again at a later date.


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