system overheating!


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hi everyone my system has decided to hit the roof with its temps and i no what the cause of it is, its full of dust so i have just ordered myself a can of compressed air but i dont feel its enough i had a usb mini vacuem and to be honest they are rubbish dont suck up anything at all. i was wondering if someone could tell me where i could buy a small battery powered vacuem or something that would suck the air up inside.


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Be wary of using more powerful units. They create static as part of the process of removing the dust, and we all know how much PC's love static don't we!?

I just use a small artists brush and get the worst of it off the fans and mobo with that. Then use good old fashioned breath to get it out. By the time I've finished it's pretty much sparkly!


agreed with above - just give it a good clean with a small painters brush or a good blast with a can of compressed air.

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