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Im looking for a system for our kitchen/dining/everyday room approx 16ft x 13ft, we currently have a Panasonic sa-ak630 which is loud and we love it but its far too big, the speakers are not wall mountable and they are hardly inconspicuous, also its getting a bit dated, we are looking for something more subtle but with similar sound to the old system ie loud, looking at 2 wall mounted speakers and probably a sub? we mostly listen to dance music, most of it is mp3 based.
ive been searching and I think the best way forward is seperates? either new or second hand and from what ive been reading speakers are 1 of the most importatant factors?, ive seen the wharfdale diamond 10.1 are rated highly, now would these speakers have to be used with a sub? if so any suggestions? now for the bit I dont really understand is the amp and the cd/mp3/ipod player I want to be able to play my i pod/i phone from it cd/mp3 discs and a radio preferably dab but not essential is that everything i need? would be good if i could connect my tv and ps3 to it aswell but again not essential? Budget is as cheap as possible!


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After more searching ive found the cambridge audio azur range, what would you recommend for my needs? The 650a amp looks impressive but probably slightly out of my price range new but would prefer it in black, the 640a would that be a better bet?, I carnt seem to find an azur cd player that plays mp3 or has a usb connection but I have found the Marantz CD6003 which has everything its a shame because I would rather the seperates all be the same make! Its also getting expensive !


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Ive seen this deal Superfi Online - UK's best supplier of hifi equipment including separates, systems and accessories. Purchase Home Cinema Equipment, DVD players, minidiscs, amplifiers, cassette decks, CD players, Digital recorders, personal stereos, speakers, turntab
My question is as its only got 2 channel outs for speakers does that mean you can only connect 2 speakers? How would i connect a sub? and what sort of sub would i need? passive or none and whats the difference and do maratnz do a dab tuner? and how would I connect all these seperates up? do they come with leads? Help here guys? I would love to pop into a store but the nearest richer sounds is in Hull and the nearest superfi is lincoln and im in grimsby!


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The Marantz/Wharfedale system is pretty good. I think you are saving about £100 on that package.

As to a Sub, I would start without one. The Wharfedale are pretty good and can easily stand on their own as a stereo speaker.

When you buy the system, the dealer will sometimes throw cable and wiring into the deal. If not, then you need to buy at least speaker wire, and RCA-to-RCA interconnecting cables.

Best check with the dealer to see if he includes wire and cable, or if the manufacturer includes interconnect cables for the CD player.

Most would recommend basic real speaker wire in the £1 to £3 per meter range, and standard interconnecting cables in roughly the £10 to £20 range.

For a system in this price range, the above is as good as you need. The dealer tend to make a great deal of profit on accessories, so don't let them talk you into some over priced wire and cable.

In most case, 1.5mm² speaker wire is adequate, though for the small price difference, most prefer to start with 2.5mm². In AWG wire, 14ga is cheap and common, and in a pinch, you can certainly get by with 16ga wire.

A quick check here -

PM6003 Integrated Amplifier - Marantz Europe

Indicates that the PM6003 does NOT have Subwoofer or Pre-amp outputs. However, most Subwoofers have High Level Inputs or Speaker Level Inputs which you connect directly to the speaker terminals of the amp. These input add virtually no load to the amp, and inside the Sub lower the signal levels down to what the Sub internal amps really need.

If you do decide on a Subwoofer, the Subs from BK Electronics are consider very high value subs -

BK Electronics - Subwoofers

This High Level/Speaker Level input is very common on subs, and you simply need to make sure the Sub you buy has them.

But consider this, a good basic Sub can cost in the range of £200 to £300, ask yourself how much better and bigger your front speaker could be, if you put that money into them.

Instead of this -

WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 10.1 SPEAKERS (PAIR) - available from Superfi UK

You could have this -

WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 10.4 SPEAKERS (PAIR) - available from Superfi UK

And if you push your budget a little, you could have this -

WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 10.6 SPEAKERS (PAIR) - available from Superfi UK

Though you would probably be very happy with this -

WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 10.2 SPEAKERS (PAIR) - available from Superfi UK

Similar to the Diamond 10.1, but the 10.2 has a larger 6.5" bass driver, and much better bass response, and is modestly priced at £250/pr.

Though there are plenty of good speakers available in the £250 to £350 range -

Acoustic Energy Neo 3 V1 = ~£250/pr
Acoustic Energy Neo 3 V2 = ~£350/pr

Monitor Audio BR5 = ~£250/pr
Monitor Audio BR6 = ~£330/pr

Even the Monitor Audio BR2 or BX2 would give good response and fall well within your budget.

Just a few thoughts.

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Thanks for the reply, I would love floor standing speakers but I just havent got the floor space for them, but you make a good point about the sub, I would much rather have better speakers and not need the sub and go for the 10.2 speakers, also seen this YAMAHA AS300 AMPLIFIER which seems better then the marantz pm6003 and cheaper?
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