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I'm after a very simple to use mini/micro hi-fi system for my parents.

I'm not buying separates, they do not have the need or would use it frequently enough.

It needs to have an FM tuner and DAB preferably, CD player, speakers (obviously!), and some kind of USB slot would be a real bonus.

My dad is NOT technical in the slightest and gets easily confused with things like this so I'm after something that is really obvious and simple to get on with.

My budget is small, around £150, which I know places me in the "mainstream" system market, but if anyone has any recommendations that would be great.


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Would their TV sound be good enough to consider a Freeview equiped DVD recorder? They could use that to play radio stations on Freeview, CDs, DVDs and, in many cases, they have a USB slot?


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With a budget of £150, the best you can do is a very nice table top radio.

Something along the line of these -

Most of these table top systems are geared toward iPod and Radio.

If you want something with a CD, the price goes up a bit -

Onkyo, Denon, Cambridge, Yamaha, Teac, Marantz all make good all-in-one micro system similar to those listed above. It is just a matter of finding the one with the features you want, and adding the speakers of your choice.

You can see SuperFi's full selection here -

SuperFi - HiFi Micro Systems



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One of the best sounding compact systems I've heard for £150 is the Philips DCB352 which has everything you've listed including DAB/FM radio, CD and USB slot, though the speakers aren't detachable and it doesn't have a headphone socket which could be a major omission dependent on its intended usage.

Alternatives include Panasonic's range of systems with flat panel speakers that don't seem to sound too bad as long as you don't play them too loud, and the LG XA16DAB which might also be worth an audition if you can find a store that stocks one. Other than that you could try to hunt down a discontinued Teac (or similar) system for £150 or less though this may not be supplied with speakers.

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