System for £300 max...


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Hi everyone,

Trying to help my son buy his first home cinema system to go with a new 42" LG plasma that he's getting.

Some things he's asked for:

1. Has to be black! :D
2. Usual DD5.1 and DTS
3. Component video
4. Coax or optical audio
5. 500w rms (!)
6. DivX playback as well as the usual DVD/CD/WMA/MP3 stuff
7. HD ready (?...not sure this is worth it at the mo...:confused: )

Not to bothered what make it is, and would go the separates path if it was possible.

Anyway, any help gratefully recieved!...:thumbsup:



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not sure if this will be to his liking but the samsung http33 looks a not bad buy , its plays divx'x ,optical in it even has a usb socket on the front for connecting mp3 players, its not hd ready though

Looks quite good in the flesh, im thinking about buying one myself


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Kevstir said:
... its not hd ready though
That's okay because there aren't any HD ready DVD players as yet - none have been launched and should start becoming available in April - May.


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Thats an upscaling dvd player not to be confused with A HD or Blue ray DVD player.(these beasts arent out yet and i would advise anyone to wait ) until the market decides which route to go . Remember Betamax and VHS


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As far as I am aware, any DVD player that is currently claiming to be HD ready (ie. has HDMI ports) only means that they have the necessary HDMI connector to hook up to a HD TV with HDMI. I'm not 100% sure if this means that they are actually outputting a 720p signal or not or whether they upsample the picture to this resolution.

I'm considering the Samsung HT-TP33 system as well, on paper it has everything I need, just trying to find a proper review or some user feedback on it now.


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hi stevie,

did u ever find any feedback on the samsung??? I am also looking at this system as it has divx and tallboy speakers( saves any drilling)


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Hi m8 you can get it for £150 at the moment from micro direct , see my other post , i had a play with one in comet the other week there and it did sound good ...

i ordered it yesterday and just had a phone call to say its been delivered :clap:

will have to have a wee play tonight :D



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well just been playin with the samsung http33 and all i can say is its well worth the money , the surround sound works a treat and the sounds really good , iv not played about with the settings yet , it will need a little tweaking but that's to be expected . the usb slot works great, i loaded up my 512 usb 2.0 pen with pictures and mp3's and it played them all with ease, also tried divx's from many years ago and recent ones they all played without a problem , on a 28" crt the picture looked good even though it was through a cheapo scart cable , once i move into the new house and have it linked to the plasma using component cables i recon should give a great picture. playing music on this system was also very good , there was a little lack of bass but as i said iv still to tweak the settings.

for the £150 that microdirect are selling for its worth every penny , if i had paid the full price from comet (£250) i would still have been happy ..

my verdict is its a top product for your average Joe who just wants a good sounding system that doesn't break the bank


edit: the the tall boy speakers are in 2 halfs , the speaker bit can actualy be wall mounted if need be so can the centre speaker, you also get more than enough speaker wire ..

[email protected]

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Kevstir said:
the usb slot works great, i loaded up my 512 usb 2.0 pen with pictures and mp3's and it played them all with ease, also tried divx's from many years ago and recent ones they all played without a problem.

Hi, I'm thinking of getting one of these but I noticed on the Samsung website that there were 2 USB standards, USB on the 33 and USB premier on the 75.

Could you tell me if the 33 will play DivX from the USB port or only mpeg/jpegs.



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Samsung did/do make a HT-P70 which is similar to the 33 but also upscales DVD to HD. I think it was around £270.


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Can you tell me if you can add your own speaker cable or if not what lengths are provided ?

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