system error on nikon coolpix 4300


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hi, i have just purchased the coolpix 4300 . this is my first digital camera and i must say the results are really good and i am genrally happy with the camera , but on 3 occasions when i power on the camera i get a message on lcd screen saying system error i then power off then on again after about 30 secs then it does not show it . basicaly sometimes it shows system error and sometimes it does not . is this a genral problem or is it my camera wich i need to return any help would be apreciated from anyone who as had same problem . thanks


Coud be a low battery. My mate has a Nikon D100 and it does that Err when the batt is too low, turns it off for a bit and it goes. But as long as the batt low it soon shows it again
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