System configuration: Single pre-amp out to power amp but what about the sub?


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Hi this may have been asked before, but I've not managed to find an equivalent thread anywhere. This question should help me in my future growth in hifi.

I would like to add more wattage to my system to help drive my speakers. What I currently own:
  • Audiolab 6000a Play (50/75w into 8/4ohm)
  • Dynaudio Emit M30 (200w IEC)
  • Paradigm Monitor Sub 10 (line in only, no speaker level input)

So if I were to add a power amp to boost up my W to drive the Dyns (maybe something like the Emotiva BasX A-300), I'll have to use the single pre-out from the 6000a. But then how then do I connect the sub, now that the pre-out is used by the power amp? The Paradigms does not have a speaker level input.

How do I go about this?


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You could try something like these, I used them on a nad preamp with two poweramps and it worked fine.

Amazon product
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Yes I bought the same for my sub on Ugg10 recommendation, and they work perfectly. You will need two of those.
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