'System' cables on 434/504 ?

Jules Tohpipi

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The system cables (DVI style and 'Black' cable) supplied with my 434 are about four times longer than I need them to be, and dressing them down the back of the cabinet is proving a real nightmare. So I was wondering if any shorter versions are available instead ?

Also, when I was at CES in early Jan (pre-plasma ownership for me), I noticed that the Monster stand had some higher quality DVI style leads - gold plated and all that. Has anyone experimented with the 'system' cables - are they interchangeable with 'audiophile' versions at all ? (Sorry, perhaps I meant 'videophile')

Has anyone had a play ?

Joe Fernand

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04HDE System Cable:

Colour - I thought they were all creamy white; dont think I've ever seen a Black cable set!

Length - not seen anything shorter than the 3m jobs usually supplied with the Media Box; you would have to be brave enough to chop into a spare cable and try and shorten it; though likely to introduce a bit of signal noise in the process.

DVI cable - you could shorten the video cable by replacing it with a third party cable (2.0m); you may see a very small drop in noise but dont expect night and day.

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