system advice - amp to match MA Radius



Hi there, have posted a similar question in the speakers thread,

have a pioneer AX3 running Monitor Audio, R270 fronts, R180 centre and rears,

Sounds a bit harsh a high levels and I don't want to change the speakers,

Any suggestions on an amp that will give me a smoother sound with the MA's

I mainly use the system for movies.

Many thanks.


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try Denon, i use them with MA silver S series and have heard the R45/90's hooked up to Denon too, they seem to go well, i suggest you demo dont give a price range however........if you wait a few weeks for the 3806 to come out you might get the 3805 at a bargain price, or if budget isnt a problem get the

if lower is necessary, get the 2106 i think is the model number...

but as always, check out other amps too, get to a dealer and ask them to set up a few for a demo....


I would recommend on NAD recievers. I heard a setup with NAD and MA and it sounded great.
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