Synology - starting from scratch?


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I've had a Synology DS918+ for a few years, and have added a DX517 to give me the capacity for nine drives in total.

When I set up the DX517, I configured it as a separate Volume/Storage Pool to the original one. Both pools use SHR.

Now I'm starting to run out of space, I was perusing the Black Friday deals to buy bigger drives, but it occurred to me that if I set up the existing nine drives as one single Volume/Storage Pool, then I'll get one extra HDD capacity of storage.

That seems worth doing as it will last me another couple of years at least, but what is the process?

I've got all of the data backed up to external drives anyway, so is it just a case of rebuilding the Storage Pool and copying from those, or is there a cleverer way of doing it? The Synology website refers to adding new disks to a pool, but I'm not sure I can do that when the disks I want to add currently form part of the second pool.

Any advice much appreciated.


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You're right in your assumption that you won't be able to migrate the disks over to make one larger pool, as when you expand by adding a disk it will first format that particular disk.

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I was put off buying a Synology expansion module for my NAS as I wanted to use it the same way you're planning.

If it gets disconnected from the main unit for any reason, accidentally, whatever, it borks your entire drive pool as it sees it as multiple drives failing simultaneously. It doesn't seem to be a case of just connecting it again, you have to start over.
That put me off the idea.
Definitely sounds like a bad idea. If anything I'd go for another expansion module.

If you really want to do it, they only way I think you could would be to purchase some kind of temporary storage drive to back off everything in the expansion module, then you could destroy the second volume and rebuild it the way you want.

Really feels like an accident waiting to happen though.

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