Synology DS413 vs WHS11


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Hi Guys,

New to the forum, and had a couple questions which I'm hoping I can get some guidance with.

I was looking to purchase either a NAS or a Homeserver to help backup a lot of the images/video files I have at home, as well as help everyone centralise files by way of backing up or just creating personal drives for everyone at home.

A core feature I would like to have is remote access to files from outside my network as well as being able to stream videos / images from the device.

I have narrowed down my search to the Synology DS413 or a Homeserver. Looking at a few YouTube videos, I like the remote access available by WHS11, but have not been able to find if it is possible for the Synology NAS to have similar way of streaming / viewing content.

If anyone has experience with Synology NAS devices, it would be great if you could let me know how dis/similar it is to WHS11's remote access.

My second query is on the hardware related to running WHS11, I can see the the HP Proliant N40L has become very popular, and (unfortunately) I've missed the cashback offer. I wanted to know if it is still a worthwhile investment, and if it will be good enough out of the box to easily stream content (upgrades will most likely only be memory increases if advised). Or if there is a similar small server that will be considered an upgrade to N40L.

(I know building a unit is an option, but would like to know if there is any off the shelf options available before looking into that)

Apologies for the long first post :boring:

Hope you guys can offer any advice.

TL;DR: How similar is the Synology DS413 remote file access/media streaming to WHS11 Remote Access? & Is the N40L good enough to stream multiple videos (2-3) using WHS, if not, any other recommendations?


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... Is the N40L good enough to stream multiple videos (2-3) using WHS, ... ?

Certainly, the N40L under WHS2011 (and many other operating systems) can handle that easily.

Can't help with the remote access stuff I'm afraid, I don't use it.

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