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I obtained Samsung Syncmaster 941MW monitor/TV just recently locally. It was packed and sent to me and after I opened it and plugged it in, I THINK everything worked just fine. Once I turned it on, I saw the TV static that was gray with black pixels, something you would expect to see from these Samsung monitors. However, after I plugged an old console through SCART... the picture went absolutely glitchy and insane and still remains broken to this moment. As far as I can see, all TV functions are not working and everything is completely glitched. When I tested PC through VGA cable, it works fine however. I plugged in audio and it also worked fine on speakers.

Here is the outline of what works and what doesn't:
-all TV menus
-VGA port (with audio)

Half working:
-VGA with PIP mode (VGA works fine, little TV picture is just as glitchy)

-TV channels (glitchy picture)
-composite (glitchy picture, I can hear some glitched sound even though only video is connected)
-SCART (glitchy picture)
-component YPbPr (glitchy picture)

I replaced caps inside the power board as 3 of them were bulged but it didn't change the behavior. Here are some photos:


It looks kinda serious but it is weird at the same time that all TV functions somehow snapped but VGA remains fully working in all resolutions. Here is the service manual:

Is SDRAM broken?? Might be the controller chip. Thanks for your suggestions in advance
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