Syncing iphoto library on mbp - 2 users and on 2 iphones/imac!! Help needed


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Hi there everyone, sorry if this has been asked before but please bear with me!

Basically my wife and I share my mbp with our own user accounts on it. Initially, I set it up just for myself and imported all my photos into iphoto successfully building my library up. I then added my wife as another user, and after a bit of trawling forums I've managed to share the iphoto library by moving it from my account into "Macintosh HD - users - shared" which works given the limitations of only one person being able to access it at a time.
At Xmas my wife bought me a beautiful imac and thus far I haven't done anything by way of trying to get the photos on there as well. We've also both just upgraded our phones and now both have iphones. When I synced my iphone (before moving the pictures library) it successfully imported all my photos onto it.
Now when I try to sync the iphone, despite manually browsing to and pointing it towards the shared library, this is effectively greyed out and I can't make it sync there - I've left it alone for now as it tells me that if I continue it will replace my photos on the iphone with what I suppose is the default iphoto location on the mbp which now has nothing in its' library.
How can I now make the iphone sync with the photos in the shared library? Is this possible? Or is there something else I need to do?
I'd also like to sync photos to my wife's iphone from the shared library and would imagine that whatever solution there is for me would just be copied for her.
I'd also like to get these onto the imac as well if that's possible!!

For info we do have a time capsule and everything regularly backs up onto that which I've been really grateful for especially since this (10 months old!!) mbp has just returned to me having needed a new battery and hdd!!!

I also have a mobileme family account should that be of relevance at all.

Thanks very much for your help.


p.s. I'm going to post this on apple uk as well in my quest for help.

Thanks again


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Since you have a TC you should move all your libraries onto it and then both Mac's will be able to access it from there.
Just hold down the option key when loading up iPhoto on both machines and select the new location on the TC.
You should then be able to sync on both machines.

iTunes has the option to manually select the folder to use for the photo's so if the iPhoto selection doesn't work (and no idea why it shouldn't) you can select the folder on the TC and you can then select All photos or Selected albums ans sync from there.

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