Syncblaster problem


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Hi, wonder if anyone can help...

Have syncblaster to 5BNC connected from my Tosh 220 DVD to my panny PWD4.. seems to have stopped working.. I can get a picture from my DVD to Plasma via svideo.

I also have syncblaster to vga connecting my cable bos to the screen

Have swopped syncblaster leads from my DVD player to my cable box.. cable still works, still no signal from DVD.

When I disconnect power feed from the syncblaster I get a picture for 1 - 2 seconds then picture brakes up total..

Could this be a fault on the dvd scart socket? or am I missing something simple?


It sure sounds that way. Have you got a TV and a fully wired scart cable? Can you check it with that? The problem might alternatively have something to do with RGB output on the scart. Have you inadvertantly reset to factory default or anything like that? You might have to enable rgb on the scart on a menu or on the remote, like on NTL and Sky stb's. I'd check that too before assuming a fault and looking like a prat. Only a short step for me at the best of times...

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