sync out of range- with rgb convertor



got a rgb scart sync seperator (rgb scart to 15 pin hd) from maplins to day tried using it from my NTL digi box to my Hitachi CP-s225 projector but had this message and no picture
sync is out of range on rgb FH 15hz FV50 hz
is the convertor not compatable with the projector or is it me?
desperate to get a good pic on projector ready for the rugby on the weekend :)
I think this may have something to do with the pj expecting a component type signal, but it's getting RGB instead. They're different voltages IIRC, so you may have to change something in the projector so that it knows to expect RGB. At least, that's what I have to do with my projector.


thanks gary for the reply iam using the vga input on the projector and at one stage rgb came up on the screen but no pic just a black screen :(
You might need an rgb to component style adapter to get the signal within range.

They can be a bit expensive IIRC, so make sure that's definitely the cause before getting one.

I've been looking on the classifieds forums, and you can buy RGB scart to VGA converters, which is exactly what you're after isn't it?

You've just got a lead with the wires connected as needed, but with no electronic gubbins to do the conversion haven't you?

i have this

SCART Sync Separator See Prices Below

Bigger Picture

This simple box allows the RGB output from DVD players, digital satellite & cable or any piece of equipment with an RGB SCART output, to connect to the 15pin connector commonly found on Plasma or LCD TVs and video projectors. Supplied with 15pin connection fly lead and mains PSU.
· Input: RGB & Composite sync from DVD or Digital Satellite or Cable
· Output: RGB plus separate Horizontal & Vertical syncs
· For connection of AV equipment to Plasma, LCD TVs and Video projectors with 15pin inputs
I'm not sure if that's the same thing, but the description sounds correct. How much was it? The other products seem to be nearer £80 or so.

Can you connect your pc to the projector? That might work, and will prove that the connection on the projector is OK.

hi yes got it from maplins for £40 mod. CSR 2200.
tried the cable and projector to the pc all ok
maplins do a rgb scart to component conversion box for £80 i think i will swap the CRS 2200 for that
thanks for the help gary will let you know how i get on
ps also they do a rgb scart to s.vid conversion box for £40
Yes, let me know how you get on. If the pc works OK, the box you have can't be giving the righty signal. Hopefully the one you're swapping it for will fix the problem.

ok got a new component type conversion box from maplins and watched a very good game of rugby :) the box worked ok but not as good a picture as i was hopping for a blured line around the players etc so i got a thor scart cable to feed the conversion box but picture still not perfect i think it is the ntl digi box output and not the new kit causing the problems also using pan and scan to make the picture 4:3 maybe this is the problem
(the menu (browse button)when it is on the screen is a perfect picture)
Digital pictures tend to look like that - especialy with fast moving objects. If you can get an analogue picture from the same channel as a comparison, you won't see it. You might see ghosting etc though instead. :)

hi gary
i bought the kit to watch F1 and rugby ( both fast moving when done well :) ) so a bit of a waste of money then by the sound of it, maybe should of kept with the picture using a scart adapter ?
Possibly. You'll have to compare images from each source to see which is better. A lot of the home cinema stuff can be a bit trial and error unfortunately. You may find that it isn't always bad, or that you get used to it.

Just seen this thread and would add the following about the sync splitter.

Not all display devices will recognise and sync to a rgbhv 576i signal. In fact many expect at least a 640X480P@60Hz signal. This is especially true of fixed pixel display devices. You should check whether a 720x576i@50Hz signal is supported on that input. This information is likely to be in the user manual for the device.

ok i have changed the component conversion box for a rgb to conversion box the picture is softer but is better then the component picture i had. so i will be keeping the box. not a perfect picture but iam happier with it :) ( for now :) )

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