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I had a Sync EV charger fitted about six months ago and have had many problems with the unit and app.

I have called the company over numerous problems with the app and charging problems, gradually, over time, the help has got worse, blaming the app, "A new one is coming first week of March", after calling several times after early March , each time, "it will be a couple of weeks", it finally became available end of July. Then my charging unit stopped working, they knew it would because it could not cope with the updated app, as hundreds of others could not, but they did not contact me to inform me so my charger became redundant.

They promised to send out the new model for next morning delivery and an engineer would come same day to install. The unit did not arrive until four days after promised date. During this time I had to continually contact them and, even though they promised whole heartedly to call me back on many occasions they never did. Then there was a problem getting an engineer out so I said I would do the install as I desperately needed the car. They told me that when I had wired up the unit to call them so that they could talk me through set up procedure, they gave me a personal mobile number and said they would help me even out of hours. I called them and text them many times but no response.

Companies can have problems but it's how a company deals with these problems that it should be judged on, in this companies case I would judge it as ignorant and uncaring. I gather it is a very small start up with many teething problems and listening to calls in the background it seems as though they spend all their time firefighting many customer problems.

I could go on about other such problems but honestly if you are after a dependable charger for your car choose one that has been proven and choose a company that doesn't fail on customer service due to deluge of customer calls and such an uncaring attitude.

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