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I have recently contacted BT and asked to have a new line installed due to their £29.99 offer, replacing my Virgin Media Talk Unlimited telphone line.

I wish to keep the same number and because of this, I can't get a BT installation date for a couple of weeks.

What I was wondering is, Do I have to also contact Virgin Media and cancel my telephone contract, or do BT do this when they contact Virgin as regards porting the number over?

I was happy with Virgin Media for the phone but at least with BT having this offer with the phone line, its going to give me more scope to change my internet provider from Virgin to someone else when Virgin go ahead with this Phorm buisness, as I also find that since Virgin took over from Telewest the service has went right down the tubes.:mad:

Once BT install I think I'll possibly leave Virgin Media altogether and also get Sky installed as I have had a letter saying my tv package is rising when I was supposed to be on a Lifetime retention offer.:mad:

Any help on this matter would be great,



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I waited till I got an install date from BT and then sent VM a letter giving 30 days notice. The porting team from BT and VM should be in contact anyhow but it will stop you being billed by VM after the 30 days.

Just to make you aware the porting doesn't happen till 20:00 on the day of install you'll be able to make outgoing calls once the installs done but will be without incoming till ports completed.


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Thanks mitchec1 for the information, its much appreciated.

I'll write to Virgin giving them my notice to cancel. Also thanks for the info on the porting, no of that side of it had been explained to me by BT.

Cheers mate.:thumbsup:


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i contacted BT with the view to geting the bt line activated, the woman on the other end said, my house did not have a bt line and an engineer would have to come out and put one, Cost £124 approx, but if i took out bt phone contract for 18 months, line cost would be £24. As i sit here and write this, i can see a bt pole outside and a line coming into the house to a Bt socket.
Is there a better option for me. (****** of with virgin).



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Well I thought Virgin were bad, BT are worse. They can't even get a simple order right.:mad:

I said I wanted to port my number to BT. I wanted my bill to be paid in full by monthly direct debit and keep my telephone number ex-directory.

Instead BT send out confirmation that they have put me on a monthly payment plan at £33 per month. Not taken the £29.99 for the new line activation. Stated that my telephone directory status would be available in phone book & online and not got the right account name on the direct debit.:mad:

I contacted them, to be passed from pilliar to post, possibly all over india to try sort the mess out, to no avail. The customer services agent kept telling me to ring a different number. When I did get through the call centre member of staff assured me things had been changed, when I checked the online accounts all the details are still incorrect.

Asked about my directory status to be told that he can't change it in the meantime, but wait till I have used the service a week and call back and they'll sort it. Not good enough.:mad:

I mentioned that my current provider Virgin Media charges me £18.95 per month of which £11 line rental and £7.95 unlimited calls and I don't make mobile or international calls, so would therefor not really go over what the monthly fee should be. BT told me £11.75 Line Rental and £5.95 Anytime call plan which I expected to settle at £17.70 a month with BT.

Overall a £1.25 a month saving with BT over Virgin Media, but I would have had more choice of broadband provider if I managed to get BT to give me the right order.

The £33 a month payment plan would see me spending more money needlessly with BT than I am with Virgin Media.

Think I'll be back on the phone to Virgin and get them to get this number porting stopped. I think in this instance its better to stick with Virgin Media with the telephone, although it will tie me to their broadband as I won't be able to go elsewhere.

I'll still drop the Virgin Media Tv I think, that is unless Sky are as incompetent as BT. Then I'll be forced to stick to Virgin Media.

For all the offers in the world, the grass isn't always greener on the other side.


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Customer service with BT is the worst ever. I have always had VM as I never had a BT line and VM or Telewest at the time sorted evrything. I eventually took SKY but as my phone was with VM it worked out cheaper to have a minimum TV package so I could keep the phone instead of getting rid of the TV and just keeping the phone. Then I noticed the free Broadband with SKy - but I need a BT line.
This is where the fun starts. I got the line - £129.00 or something near that. I told them I wont be using it yet as I will wait for my contract with VM to end.
The aim is to move to SKY and there phone/broadband deal. OK, i will have to have a BT line rental for 12 month but so be it - the future freedoms should be worth it.
Only trouble is upto now, 3 months after installation BT havent charged me a penny. Phoning is ridiculous, I might as well speak to my cat. So I am wondering - is my 12 month contract running now or does it start from when I first make a phone call using the BT line so it wil generate a bill?
All-in-all VM broadband isnt to bad. Its always on when I need it and sometimes its worth just not getting my brain fried with stress - if it works - leave it. hehe.


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Further news regarding this farcical telephone transfer between Virgin Media and BT.

I finally got through to someone who understood my problems. The customer services agent at BT finally changed my payment plan over to a pay in full every month direct debit and has managed to input my account details correctly regarding the direct debit.

Now I phoned to take the special BT offer of £29.99 new line installation on May 1st 2008. At the time I was given an install date of 20th May 2008, this was due to me wanting to keep my Virgin Media number due to the porting process.

Well yesterday the engineer showed up 10 minutes early I may add. He proceeded to run a few checks at the BT master socket. He was of the opinion that after the removal of a telegraph pole in a neighbours garden, that my telephone line had been severed as it came into my house via the loft.

The engineer told me, he would have to ask a neighbour a few doors up if he would give him access to a new junction box which had been installed in his garden. Now access to this is by way of a locked door. The engineer came back to tell me he had managed to access the box for 5mins as the neighbour was going out.

He told me as he didn't have access for the required time, that he could do no more today and would leave word with fellow engineers to come back and check a few hours later, to see if they could gain access.

A few hours pass and no further engineers, with no concrete date when they were due to come back, I gave BT a call. The man on the phone said that the engineer left word with BT that in actual fact he didn't get an answer at my property and hence why he couldn't complete the installation.

I had more than one person in my house at the time and the engineer spoke to all in the house about the apparent problems. It defeats me then, why he should choose to lie and say he couldn't access my property, instead of that it sounded like too big a job for him and he just couldn't be bothered.

I recieved a telephone call from another BT department after a complaint went in. The person said they would try and get to the bottom of the problem, but would have to see what BT Openreach do, as they install the lines.

For a BT engineer to say he didn't get access to my property because I wasn't in, I could tell BT exactly what the engineer looked like.

Well the woman said that I have to give them another few days to sort the problem and see what Openreach are going to do, meanwhile my notice period with Virgin Media runs out soon so I could be left without my current phone line before BT have even installed their new phone line.

I only wanted a BT phone line to give me other broadband supplier options for when Virgin Media install the phorm technology into their network.

I didn't realise that if Virgin Media's call centre staff are pathetic at their Jobs then BT and their call centre staff and lying engineers are even worse.:mad:

After numerous please come back to BT letters sent to my address. I waited for the right moment to go back to BT and this is how they treat me. If you recieve an offer of a letter from BT to go back to them, please think long and hard about your decision.

Sorry for the rant.

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Too late for this advice but I am now a happy (relatively speaking) VM customer. I had been BT for years for phone and internet but recently their customer service is so utterly bad I decided I would never spend another penny on them.
Now I know they are all as bad as each other but VM have been pretty good so far.
Sorry to hear you are switching to BT. I suspect you won't be any happier.

Only bad thing about VM so far is their silly rule about not allowing me to swap out the HDD in the V+ box for one big enough for the job oops ;)


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Funny how people who have had poor service from VM think that the service is any better elsewhere.

The "customer not in" excuse is very commonly used by BT engineers when they are running late and want to go home on time, it avoids them making a visit at all. I have seen this through my work on many occassions.

Be wary of changing from VM's broadband service, unless you live almost on top of your local exchange your download rates on ADSL will be poor, at least on VM's 10mb service you do get 10mb whereas on an ADSL "upto 8mb" service you will be lucky to get half that. I used to be on ADSL and live 1.5 miles from the exchange and could only get 1-2 mb.


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