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Hi I have a ps5 but recently been getting frustrated with price of the ps5 games new generation games seem to be touching the £70 mark I refuse to pay… I’ve always had PlayStation but most people I know have xbox I was talking to some mates at work about an assigns creed game think it was £20 to download on ps5 but my friends who have xbox are telling me can’t you just download for free because they have this ( game pass). Also the Bethesda thing has really bugged me about ps5…
So at the moment I have a ps5 and just buy older games because there cheaper… also I can remember play the original halo at a mates how back in the early 2000s quite fancy trying that out again.

Don’t get me wrong I like the ps5 exclusives which means I will keeps the ps5…

Also Miss’s won’t be too happy if she see xbox and ps5 under tv 🤪


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Gamepass ultimate is a bit like PS + on playstation, you get tons of free games and first party new releases from xbox, it also includes all the online functionality, basically gamepass ultimate is the "complete" package.

Also being a new subscriber you could do the xbox gold conversion, where by you purchase years of gold subs and convert it to ultimate for £1, I believe it is.

You could always get the cheaper series S, which is easier to get hold of.

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