switching to mobile broadband - what hardware do I need

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Hi all

I am in the process of moving to a new build house and it currently has no connection to fibre optic broadband and all estimates I am getting from sky / bt / virgin about adsl will give me a connection up upto 1mb which clearly isn't an acceptable option.

I am curently with virgin and have the following setup

virgin modem wired to edimax br-6574n router, this is then wired to a desktop PC and qnap NAS drive. The NAS drive and internet is accessable via tablets / phones and laptops through the WIFI router simples :)

now due to the unacceptable 1mb connection available to me through the usual suspects I am going to have to go to a mobile broadband, probably 3 as the tests i've done at the new property is seeing 5-7mb download speeds.

can anyone help out and let me know what hardware I will need to do this so I can keep the setup as similar as possible to what I currently have? I am not sure if this is even possible being a bit of a technophobe :laugh: but hopefully someone out there will know.




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It's possible with a router that can utilise the SIM card in a dongle. Am mobile so can't search at moment but pretty sure tp-link do a few. This would replace your virgin router/modem.



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There are a number of WiFi routers around that accept a 3/4G USB dongle, for example, this TP-Link one. You'll need to check that the specific USB dongle you have is supported, but Amazon reviews indicate that 3, T-Mobile and O2 networks are supported.

It's got the usual 4 port Ethernet switch to allow wired as well as wireless connections.


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Looking at that it would work for tablets and phones but don't see how I could connect it to my pc and NAS drive. I may be reading it worng so please let me know if I am :D

Yep, it is essentially a mobile phone but preconfigured as a hotspot, just switch it on and go :smashin:

Of course you would need wifi receivers in all your devices


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i have a 3g usb dongle here in Spain and use a TP-Link MR3020. All of my devices communicate happily with the router and all for 40 notes....

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