Switching to BT Fibre - where should I have new line fitted


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Hi all

I'm switching from Sky ADSL to BT fibre and the engineer is coming on Thursday. As part of the deal I have the option to get a new line fitted or existing master socket 'upgraded'

I live in a 3 bed semi which has a rear extension with an office/study at the far end. Current set up is our master socket is in the front/TV room and I have my landline phone and Sky ADSL router connected to it.

I have run ethernet direct from the Sky router to the TV and also run cable under the house to the back room to an Apple Time Capsule. I also have a wireless extender plugged in near the back of the house to help boost signal to the study which still gets the poorest signal.

The sky router is NOT transmitting wireless - I leave that to the Apple TC as it provides a good stable signal (usually!) and is positioned roughly in the centre of the house on a high shelf.

So with Mr BT coming round it got me thinking - should I move my master socket from the front room to somewhere more central - e.g. in the hallway below the stairs or perhaps if possible to the back room?

I think I'll be getting the Home Hub 6 and as I have a few days before the visit I would really appreciate any thoughts or similar experience this so I can be prepared!

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