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Switching on HDTV disconnects internet connection


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I am having an issue that has only recently cropped up. When switching on my Panasonic 50" Plasma TV my internet connection drops on my router. I have to reset the power to the router in order to bring the connection back up.

I have the router and the TV in the same room, and I can't move the router since its the only viable phone socket in the house. The router is connected to a Netgear Powerline adapter which goes through the house to my PC and XBOX.

This setup has worked for over a year without a problem but is now driving me crazy, as i'm getting disconnected everytime home & away is on!

I would assume the problem is something to do with feedback from the high current draw when the TV is switched on (i guess the power supply in the TV is showing fatigue?), if i were to get an RFI/surge protector for my TV equipment do you think this would solve my problem?

Wondering if anyone has any other suggestions?



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I assume that both pieces of equipment are on the same wall socket/ring.

Try temporarily running an extension lead from the kitchen sockets (should be different ring) to power the router only.

How old is the house/wiring? When was it last inspected? Are you running all the equipment from wall sockets, or do you have an extension lead to plug everything into?


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The house is less than 10 years old so the wiring should be pretty good.

There is phone and power sockets right next to the TV and the cables for these sockets run next to each other across the wall from the other side of the room. I assume some interference could be picked up there?

The powerline adapters are plugged directly into the wall sockets, the router is on a 4-gang on one side of the room, and the TV is in another 4-gang plugged into a socket on the other side of the room (same ring circuit).

I will try moving the router power source to the downstairs circuit later when i get home. Although this may work, I cant use it long term, since were in a 3 story house and the wireless signal wouldnt reach the top floor. Would mains filters work in this instance?
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Just tried moving the router downstairs, so on a seperate ring main, and the same thing happened.

It must be interferance from the cabling in the wall where the power and phone line are run together, i guess?

Any ideas on what i can do? Do surge protective sockets prevent surge going backwards?


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Tried lots of things.

- Surge/RFI protective sockets on TV equipment - no
- Surge/RFI protective sockets on Router - no
- disconnect wire for phone socket that runs alongside TV power socket cable - no
- surge protective adsl filter (gimmick?) - no
- extension lead from downstairs socket to power TV - no
- turning wireless off on router - no
- using cat5 cable direct and disconnecting homeplug system (eliminating possible surge there) - no

So, i have eliminated it being power surge from the TV, to either the router, or to the phone line.

Totally out of ideas, anyone?? :(


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There's nothing on the TV or associated equipment (PVR, DVD Player, Sky box etc.) plugged into the phone line is there? The usual cause of a connection dropping is something using the phone system without a microfilter.


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there is the sky box, but i have tried disconnecting that, and as i said, even disconnecting the phone wire in the wall that goes down to it. The router doesnt fully disconnect, it still has a green light for the internet, and when logging into the router it still shows its connected. But the internet is dead to a stop and I have to restart the router to get it back up again.

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Try running the tv on an extension lead from the kitchen.

Have you done any work on the domestic electricity: changed some faceplates?

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Suppose we ought to know what brand/model of router?
Try different ethernet cable between tv and router.
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Shouldnt needd to re boot a router anyaway .. it shoulds just resync back up with the adsl after a few seconds. Maybe its damaged..
Why not try a UPS see if that filters out/ or cures the problem. they generally ahve much better filters than cheapies from Pcworld etc.

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