switching off your plasma


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Reading the "instruction manual" last night, a great read by the way, has no info on how i should leave the plasma after viewing....ie: switch it off on the front panel or leave it on standby, as i'm doing right now. Any ideas guys?


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hello? so you guys watch TV 27/7 and never turn em off?


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Can't believe leaving them in Stancby would damage them in any way. If it would why have a standby option. You must be very paranoid :)


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I leave mine in standby . I wouldhave thought it better that way as powering it upis not as mush of a shock to the electronic that way . just like lighting is allways best dimmed on and off that way the bulbs last longer


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squid, thats what i was thinking, cheers guys


I've noticed that if I turn off at the power button at night, the following morning there is still a "ghost " of last nights image which stays for a minute or so after turning on again.

If I turn off into standby the image is not there in the morning.

Standby for me.


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I have had mine for over ayear now and always use standby (unless I am away for a few days) - no problems whatsoever


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I've always left it on standby, unless going on hols or away for a long time. I do the same with all my equipment, same reason as squid.


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Off here. Standby is a temporary setting and I believe is used for short period of time. :)


i turn my off incase dog/cat/misses presses the remote and leaves a channel with logo on by mistake.

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